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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Why I started this blog...

Lately there have been many emotions stirring in my heart. Some of my daughters are blogging and finding it good for the soul so I am joining them. I have always found it easier to write about what I am feeling then to tell anybody. I can remember dating my husband and sitting next to him in his truck and he would ask me what I was upset about. I wouldn't be able to find the words. I was afraid to speak what was in my heart. So here I will speak. This is me on the inside. I am trying to be better about expressing love and encouragement to others. Unfortunately it seems hardest with those I love deeply. I will begin by addressing those closest to me. It will take awhile as I have eight children, two son-in-laws, a daughter-in-law, and two and 3/4 grandchildren. Writing from my heart brings the emotions to the surface and is in some ways physically draining so this may take awhile.
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