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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Never a Dull Moment

I sit here at my computer this morning as Cadi snores on the couch and Noah slumbers in his bed. It is 9:00 o'clock and I should get them up but I am savoring a few more minutes of quiet. Blair got himself up and off to work at 6am. I rolled out at 6:20am to get Nathan up and out the door by 7am with all his baseball gear for a game this afternoon after school. Cynthia is busy getting ready for work now and Tim is taking care of the chickens--part of his morning routine. Pretty dull, huh?

I couldn't help but laugh last night. The kids were in the living room watching "Alvin and the Chipmunks: the Sequel". Cynthia and Josh were at the kitchen table eating hamburgers they had cooked. I was on my bed reading a book and listening to the Red Sox game. Cadi had taken her three doses of medication for the night, albeit a little later than scheduled (I'm not the most focused of psych nurses). The routine here is for her to sleep on the couch. Somehow by the time the movie was over and the kids were getting ready for bed, Josh (Cynthia's fiance) had moved to the couch and was peacefully sleeping away (he works nights and didn't have to leave for work until 10 pm). So I told Cadi to go down to Noah's room and get in the extra bed and if she couldn't get to sleep she could come up after Josh left.
Sure enough, at 10 o'clock, she comes slowly up the stairs with her blankets and Nina (the stuffed monkey) and heads for the couch.

And here's where I get to tell you about the best Grampie in all the world. He sits in his recliner and watches a movie (turned down low of course) and waits for Cadi to fall asleep on the couch. Of course it's hard to tell who falls asleep first, but I won't tell! Last night I think she (and he?!) dozed off fairly quickly.

I eagerly await what the day has for us all. The sun is shining even though the temperature is still a little cool for a May morning (42 degrees at 6:30am but up to 49 degrees now). A little schoolwork, a little housework, a little laundry. Meals to prepare, baseball games to attend, wedding invitations to stuff and mail. They are all gifts to me from the One who loves me. How blessed I am that the career God allowed me to have fills me with such joy. No, wait. It's not the career; although I am happy as a stay-at-home mom, homeschool teacher, grandmother, care-giver, wife, wedding planner, baseball mom, etc. It's the presence of the Father who loves me and fills me with joy as I serve Him in this place where He has put me. Some days are difficult and it's hard to feEl the joy but one thing is for sure...THERE IS NEVER A DULL MOMENT AROUND HERE!

Are you coming over today? Just give me a call and we'll squeeze you in!